Comedian Greg Stone is doing four shows over a three day stint at Comix Roadhouse (Mohegan Sun) this weekend. I remembered Greg from one of his hilarious Instagram clips and I knew I had to get him on the show. Stone called in and join us on the Friday (5/24/24) edition of the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show.

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Greg happened to call us just days after Connecticut lobbied to get the Government to name Connecticut the pizza capital of the U.S. Seeing as Stone does a lot of work in Connecticut, and lives in Queens we asked him about this and it turns out he had some strong opinions.

Dave: You are originally from New Jersey, you live in Queens and you work in Connecticut. We had a Congressional delegation from New Haven right now down in D.C. trying to say that Connecticut makes the best pizza in the United States. Have you had the New York in you, fire-up over this debate?

Greg: "I'm gonna not be funny here, I'm gonna be very serious. This is what makes me f------ furious, the best pizza is such a dumb f------ thing. Everything has to be a competition! Everything exists and it is amazing! New York pizza is unbelievable but people will s--- on Chicago, sorry I'm cursing all over the place I just realized it. I get very Italian when it comes to pizza. Connecticut has unbelievable pizza, my favorite place is this spot called BAR. They have this mashed potato pie in New Haven, unbelievable but they don't have to fight. It doesn't have to fight a deep-dish, it doesn't gave to fight Nonna's in Queens which is one of my favorite pizzas, Nonna's 1977, I'd put it against almost anything. It's all great and think we should stop fighting and we should come together and just be a pizza family or a pizza family as you weirdos say."

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This dude is hilarious and stands for pizza unity in the Tri-State area, he should be President.

See Greg Stone at Comix Roadhouse inside Mohegan Sun this weekend. He'll be performing tonight (5/24/24) and doing two shows on Saturday (5/25/24). 


You can listen to our entire interview with comedian Greg Stone below. Greg also told the most amazing story about doing crowd-work at the Comedy Cellar one night. Greg asked someone in the crowd to tell their messed up family story and the answer he got stopped him in his tracks.

This is the infamous crowd-work moment, I felt bad for everyone involved.

Greg's Special is SO good.

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