The next time I purchase a vintage collector car, which would be the first time, it is good to know that there is a perfect place to store it right down the street here in Danbury.

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My thanks to CT Insider for the heads-up on this one because I am a super fan of vintage cars. Now, when I say "super fan," I mean I like looking at them and I can definitely appreciate the history and craftsmanship involved in each one. My father, long before I was even on the radar, owned a pink 2-tone hard-top 1957 Chevy. It was pink on the bottom and white on the top. I have seen a few pictures of him washing and waxing it, which he did every single day until it started to fade slightly. So, then he washed and waxed it every OTHER day.

The guy responsible for this awesome mecca of a man cave is a guy named Chris Bishop and the "garage" is the North American Motor Car shop. I feel strange calling it a "garage," because it is so unbelievable and looks nothing like a typical grease monkey garage. It has room for almost 300 cars of the collector variety, there's no room for your 2001 Honda Civic. We are talking about three tiers of sturdy industrial strength racks in a climate-controlled environment that is super clean, almost like a Gordon Ramsey kitchen. Chris is in the brown shirt, by the way.

North American Motor Car Grand Opening
Getty Images for North American

I mentioned that these are collector cars and on display is a Porsche once owned by Eddie Van Halen, very cool. The place is amazing, to say the least, they can accommodate up to 50 overhauls of vehicles at the same time. They have an entire customization shop that is as high-end as it can get, not to mention the upstairs where folks can relax in a fully stocked lounge that boasts some interesting Hollywood artifacts that involve Elvis and Peter Fonda from the cult classic "Easy Rider." It's the helmet man, it's the helmet.

YouTube/Binge Society
YouTube/Binge Society

You can check it all out right here on the North American Motor Car website. I have already put their number into my phone, so when I get my own 1957 Chevy and need a place to store it, I can give them a call. Kind of like Arnie Cunningham taking his 58 Plymouth Fury to Will Darnell's junkyard garage...well, not really, anyway, thanks for hanging out with me and I will see you again real soon.

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