The Democratic candidate in Danbury's 2019 mayoral race, Chris Setaro, joined us live on the air to give his latest response to some of the recent comments made by his opponent, Mayor Mark Boughton. Before we get to his remarks, here's a timeline of what's been going on:

Last Wednesday (Sept. 18) Chris Setaro joined us in his regular weekly spot on the Ethan and Lou Show. During a discussion about Governor Ned Lamont hiring his cousin, Chris brought up a recent hire by Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. Mayor Boughton recently hired Marc Dillon to a job at City Hall, doing community relations work and project management. Marc Dillon was Mark Boughton's former campaign chairman during Boughton's run for Governor in 2018. During the interview, Setaro had this to say as it relates to the hire:

The Mayor's former campaign manager was hired into the mayor's staff so you've got the same sort of thing here. That's a situation where you've got the appearance that the Mayor's campaign manager is being paid with public money, right in City Hall on the staff. So, I think it would have been a lot better to announce that so people were aware that was the case. That would have been a far better way to handle that. Otherwise, you've got a situation where the Mayor's campaign is being run out of the Mayor's office.

The following day, Thursday (Sept. 19) Mark Boughton was on the Ethan and Lou show in his regular weekly spot. We played Setaro's above comments and this is how Mark responded:

Well, let me just say these guys are so desperate, it's getting to be comical at this point. Look, the guy who I hired is not my campaign manager, he's just not, so he's got to get his facts straight. This individual ran the Governor's campaign a year ago. So, the fact is we have a campaign manager and it's not Marc Dillon. That's the person he's referring to. But here's the real deal here, we took two positions; Total payroll is about $180,000 of city money, combined it to one position of $75,000. So, we're saving the city $75,000 and we've hired a qualified individual who has ten years of municipal and state experience working in Government. This individual is paid to do municipal work, not campaign work, and he doesn't work for the campaign. So, if these guys are going to say this stuff, they've got to get their facts straight and that's part of the problem here. In this day and age, you can just say whatever you want and people think it's true, and the reality is that it's not true and Chris once again is borderline delusional with his accusations and he's just plain wrong. So you know, I think he owes an apology to Marc, he owes an apology to our campaign and he needs to get his facts straight.

Okay, so flash forward to this morning (Sept. 25) and Chris Setaro was back on the Ethan and Lou Show. By now, he had heard Mark's comments that he owes the campaign an apology and he's "borderline delusional." This is what Chris had to say in response:

Things are heating up in the Hat City. I just wonder how many times the Ethan and Lou show will be mentioned at the Crowne Plaza debate. Mark and Chris will be debating there Thursday, October 10th starting at 6 pm with a cocktail reception starting at 5 pm.

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