According to ABC News, China has a problem with wasp nests so naturally they attached flamethrowers to drones to burn them out of the trees.

Just outside city of Chongqing is a county called Zhong where they are getting there flame on. The residents of Zhong raised enough money to retrofit flamethrowers on drones and teamed up with an organization called Blue Sky rescue for the wasp killing missions.

So far, reports indicate they have burned down over 100 wasp nests. The report says one Zhong resident had this to say:

Now we don’t have to worry about being stung by a wasp.

Well, I am glad they can sleep at night in Zhong but here in America, I have to try and go to sleep at night knowing China has flamethrower drones. I took one week off from keeping one eye on China and this is what happens.

I could use a hand or an eye as it were from the rest of you to share "watch duty" on China. This is the stuff nightmares of made and it could have been avoided. We need fire drone sanctions and we need them yesterday. For every fire drone they construct, we impose a trade sanction.

Also, how do you call yourself Blue Sky Rescue when you are turning the sky hell orange and burning things alive in their home? They should be called Hell Sky Murder Squad.

Below is the commercial for the TF-19 flamethrower drone. This is not the one China is using, they made their own. If you attach a flamethrower to a drone and put it in a commercial, you should only need to pay to run that ad once. Word tends to spread with things like this, like right now I am telling you that you can purchase one of these. May God have mercy on my soul.

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