Ever since we bought our first used boat in 1994, my wish was to own a lakefront home on Candlewood Lake complete with our own dock and a bevy of water toys. I learned my wish was never going to come true. I was so excited to land my first full-time job in radio that I wasn't paying attention to the cost of living in Connecticut compared to where we lived in Rochester, NY.

The next best thing, if you don't have the big bucks to purchase a house on the lake, is to live only five minutes from the boat slips at New Fairfield Town Park.

Boat Slips at New Fairfield Town Park - Ethan Carey
Boat Slips at New Fairfield Town Park - Ethan Carey

Whenever we're out on our pontoon cruising the lake, we still marvel at many of the opulent lakefront homes while trying to figure out what these homeowners do for a living. As I perused the real estate websites, I discovered that Candlewood Lake homes on the market in early 2024 are selling for between $800,000 to $5.5 million. The following are the 'Top Five' least expensive lakefront homes for sale on Candlewood Lake in early 2024.

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Gallery Credit: Ethan Carey

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