Let's manage our expectations, we are talking about Carmel, NY.

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Almost nothing happens in Carmel, so you have to factor that in, when judging the film you're about to see. This near-miss is one of the most exciting things to happen in Carmel since Kevin chipped his tooth in the 1983 Easter Egg Hunt.

Let's break this down, the taxi wants to go left and he should be in the left-turn only lane to achieve that but this person seems to be a free thinker and wanted to go there own way.  They made a split-second, last-minute lane change and it's plumb wrong.

The video was posted to Youtube by Ryan Theodore on March 24, 2022 in Carmel heading towards Brewster. At the time of my posting the video has 7 views.

Here is what jumped out to me:

1 - Everyone hates being wrong but sometimes you are. The best way to put your mistake in the past, is to accept you've made one. This guy/gal knew they were wrong but couldn't embrace it. Instead they almost made their mistake someone else's problem.

2 - I'm from Putnam County (Brewster, NY) so when I see a photo or video like this one it brings back so many exciting memories from home. Like the time that dead tree fell or the time I made a left in Carmel and who could forget when someone tagged a penis on the water tower? Just a handful of memories, plucked from thousands, in a place where time goes on vacation.

3 - Did you notice what the driver was listening to on the radio? That's right, I-95 (95.1FM), the Home of Rock and Roll. You sir, have excellent taste.

4 - Let's not get crazy, the person doesn't need to lose their job, nor should we lose our heads. Let's just keep this as a reminder that 2 out of every 5 American motorists is a raging A-hole. Be safe out there.

This allows me a perfect opportunity to ask a poll question. As I said, I grew up in Putnam County, NY and for many years now, I've lived in Danbury, CT, this makes me the perfect person to ask a fun question. Who has worse drivers, New York or Connecticut?

By the way, the answer is Connecticut. I hate to be critical of my home but I must call out what I see. I live in Danbury, I love Danbury but the Hat City has the some of the most dangerous and oblivious drivers I've ever seen.

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