The New Milford Police Department confirms a fire at the Willow Springs Condominium Complex on Route 7 in New Milford on Sunday evening, July 1.

Photo used by permission

As a car, which was engulfed in flames lit up the evening sky at about 9:00 pm on Sunday night, some of the Willow Springs residents gathered in the parking lot to watch the fire being doused. Many were almost as shocked to see the fire trucks on site as they were to see a burning car since they did not hear the sirens.

New Milford Police report that Water Witch Hose Company #2 on Grove Street in New Milford responded to the fire which was put out quickly. One resident, who asked to remain annonymous, said, "They didn't have their sirens on but got here as fast as could be, makes me feel safe."

There is still no information on how the fire started and thankfully no injuries were reported.

Photo used by permission

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