It's amazing what number-crunchers can come up with out of raw data from search engines.

Who knew that "Comey Letter" was the most-searched term in the Nutmeg State last year? Well, we do, thanks to Google trends.

Now, in a twist of I-talian gourmet glory, says that Connecticut's most-searched food item is the mighty Sicilian Cannoli. I'm a big fan, and, obviously, so are you. I just never thought it would come in at #1 on the list.

With such an extensive shoreline filled with the finest seafood-shacks the world has to offer, I figured it would be Blue Point Oysters, or Lobster. God, even the eternally glorified Pepe's Pizza, or the mundane Ted's Cheeseburger would have been my guess.

Nope, it's the Cannoli. Fried pastry dough, stuffed with ricotta. Yummers.

I dove a little deeper through's list, and there were a couple surprises from our neighboring states. Massachusetts' most-searched food item was the very boring Butternut Squash. Lame Massachusetts, very lame.

In New York, Falafel came in at #1. The people of New Jersey love Sangria, and Pennsylvania is firmly stuck in the glorious 80's with their #1 search item Peach Schnapps.

Weird, all of a sudden I have a craving for a Butternut Squash/Fafafel Cannoli dipped in Sangria and Peach Schnapps. I must live in the Northeast.

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