In what can only be described as a total bummer, the 2019 Candlewood Lake Fourth of July Fireworks have officially been postponed.

According to a post from the Candlewood Lake Authority, the impending doom that is the current forecast is threatening enough not to risk ruining the annual display that was scheduled for Saturday night (June 29). Rather than compete with the force of nature that is thunder and lightning tonight, the lake fireworks will now be showing off their true colors from Danbury Town Park tomorrow, June 30 - weather permitting, of course.

Even though the local fourth of July celebration will have to wait an extra 24 hours, the same lake guidelines and city traffic advisory still apply. For more information on that, visit the following links:

In the meantime, feel free to spend this gross, humid Saturday trying to identify the Greater Danbury towns based on one line from Urban Dictionary through the poll at the bottom of this post:

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