Planning to watch the Candlewood Lake fireworks by boat this Saturday night? Here are a few things the Candlewood Lake Authority Marine Patrol would like you to know.

According to a press release from Chief Ron Barnard, The Marine Patrol in conjunction with the CT DEEP EnCon Police will be stopping all boats entering Danbury Bay for a safety inspection. These inspections will only take a couple of minutes and will be a minor inconvenience to boaters. All boats must have one wearable Personal Flotation Device (Life Jacket) for each person on board.

Children under the age of 13 must wear their life jacket at all times while boats are under way. In addition, all boats must have their required lights in working order. Any boat found not having the required safety equipment not be allowed to enter the area until these safety requirements are met.

As boats pass within 200 feet of a stationary law enforcement vessel using its lights and audible signal or a fire rescue vessel using its lights, the operator is required to slow the boat to “slow-no-wake” speed until it is more than 200 feet away from the law enforcement or fire rescue vessel.

The Marine Patrol will be setting up a safety zone just north of City Island in Danbury Bay. A safety lane will also be created along the eastern shore of Danbury Bay. No vessels will be allowed to moor or anchor south of the safety zone or in the safety lane approximately 5 hours prior to and during the event. In addition, beginning at 4pm, all boats in the vicinity of City Island must maintain a “slow-no-wake” speed to allow for the fireworks company to safely set up the fireworks behind the Island.

Approximately 2 hours prior to and during the event no boats will be allowed to travel south of the safety zone into the display area. Boaters are reminded after the display to proceed out of the viewing area at “slow-no-wake” speed.

Enjoy the fireworks and be safe out there.


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