Getting onto network television is not easy in Connecticut. Sure, we have a couple of syndicated daytime shows shooting in Stamford, and ESPN in Bristol, but the opportunities to truly appear on a national tv show don't come around too often.

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I've been a fan of CBS's Survivor since it began, and the new season just started a couple of weeks ago. I've thought about applying, but I'm in horrible shape physically, and mentally? Well....  BUT, If you're not like me, the producers are looking for the next cast, and they're staging a casting call right here in Connecticut next week.

On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, Mohegan Sun is hosting an open Survivor casting call for anyone that would like to compete on an upcoming season. Before you race out to Uncasville with only your t-shirt and flint, there are quite a few stipulations.

If you've been applying every year, don't on October 11. The producers of Survivor have amassed an incredible amount of submissions over the years, including the ones you've sent over the past decade, only apply if this is your first time through the process. You'll have to sign a Covid release & waiver, and there are quite a few eligibility requirements.

Rhode Island has the OG Survivor Richard Hatch. We need his spotlight Connecticut. We just had two contestants representing Connecticut on Survivor's 42 season, and there have been a few more, but ultimately they crapped out.

Someday Probst, when Survivor: Lazy Fat Guys is finally cast, I'll see you.

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