The game is called "Mailbox Baseball" and it's terrorizing one neighborhood in Brewster, NY.

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Here's the deal, our victims gave me permission to tell their story on the condition of anonymity. So, we'll just say the people we spoke with, are 3rd generation Brewster residents who love their town, their neighborhood and their mailbox. They'd like people to PLEASE stop destroying it.

NOTE: That is the real mailbox in the pic above and below. 

Recently, the husband wakes up to go to the gym, and realizes that his mailbox is not where he left it. Thankfully, he has cameras that record everything on his property and he begins to review all the footage and there it is, the moment in question.

He told me that the cameras recorded the incident the previous evening. He says he saw that his mailbox was attacked by two suspects on a quad. The quad pulled up with an operator, and another person, both had baseball bats. With the quad's brake lights illuminating the scene, he watched as the two suspects went wild, smashing his mailbox into pieces and then driving off.

Anonymous with permission
Anonymous with permission

The couple spoke to their neighbors and learned that their mailbox was not the only one destroyed. There were 5 other mailboxes smashed in their neighborhood on Drewvville Road near Route 6.

I also briefly discussed the incident with the wife, who thanked me for reaching out. She had this to say about the incident:

"With the amount of active and retired law enforcement in this area, they are playing with a fire they won't be able to put out. This is a blue collar town of very hard working people. It's sad these kids take all of that for granted. Their lack of respect is clear especially when purposely destroying others' property this way."

HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED: The entire game consists of smashing mailboxes, the person who destroys the most, wins. The driver, drives the car and the batter leans out the back window for a drive-by smashing. It's a stupid and dangerous game and getting in trouble for it, is the least of your worries. You could, you know, fall out the window of a moving vehicle. I've never seen the game played with a quad, I've also never heard of the suspect stopping so people can get a good look at them.

Here is the irony, or the circle of life kicking in. I was busted when I was a teenager for the very same crime, in the very same town. I was a Brewster High School student when I got found by the police. Law enforcement caught up with me, as they usually do. I was identified as one of the people responsible for the destruction of a mailbox back in the 90's.

I was not charged with a crime, I was lucky that way, but there was a condition. My accomplice and I had to buy the family a new mailbox, and install it, in front of them. You know how embarrassing it is to work on someone's yard who hates your guts? You are sweating and struggling because you've never installed a mailbox before, THEY are staring and judging. It was quite the learning experience, and now I won't even go to my own mailbox to get the mail.

Since I have some experience with this, I'd like to speak to directly to the suspects. I'd like you to know the following:

  • You're on camera.
  • The picture is clear.
  • Your quad is now being looked for.
  • You should come forward and get it over with.
  • They are going to get you.
  • I'm rooting for you to turn your whole situation around, crime does not pay.
  • I'd like you to stop destroying property in Brewster.
  • People are not going to let you get away with it again.
  • There will not be a second article like this, so don't think that this is your road to fame OR infamy.

If you've been the victim of a local property crime, please get in touch with me and share your evidence. I'm gonna make this a new accessory feature of the Ethan, Lou and Large Dave Morning Show (my radio show). I'm going to take property damage cold cases like this, and close them. Just think of "The First 48" but with graffiti and stolen rakes.

P.S. One of the mailboxes that could not be destroyed back in my day was the Testani family mailbox. Ask around, everyone knows the Testanis, and a lot of people will remember that their mailbox was indestructible. People used to knock it off so often, that Mr. Testani created the Iron Man of mailboxes. The stand was a lead pipe filled with concrete anchoring it into the Earth, and the box itself was also lead or steel, something formidable. If you hit that mailbox, especially at 30 mph, you were in for a rude awakening. Your arms would ring and vibrate for weeks, so I've heard.

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