It seems that all anyone wants to talk about is the cold and the snow. I tried fighting it but it's a lost battle. Sometimes you have to relent and give the people the garbage they want. You wanna talk weather?

How about the health benefits of the cold? I did some research this morning, A.K.A. I Googled it, and I found a website called They say cold weather is good for a lot. Among the 17 benefits they listed were that the cold can cure diarrhea and insomnia.

We thought if the cold is so healthy, how can we get super-cold and super-healthy? I figured sticking our stupid faces in the snow would get the job done. Enjoy:

Now that you watched this video and read this blog, go ahead and leave a comment. If you say anything about "yellow snow" for any reason, you're not tall enough to ride this ride. Do us all a favor, and skip it.

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