According to the BBC a bullet train operator from Japan is in deep s--- after taking a break to use the restroom for several minutes and leaving an unlicensed individual in the driver's seat.

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The Central Japan Railway Company has apologized to it's customers over the incident despite the fact that the trip was not negatively impacted by the s--- decision.

The unnamed 36 year old Japanese driver was manning the wheel of the Hikari 633 and traveling at 93 mph at the time of the incident. The train was traveling in the Shizuoka prefecture Sunday morning when the driver started to experience a stomach ache.

He (licensed driver) called the conductor (unlicensed driver) to take over, went to the restroom and was gone a total of three minutes according to the report.

Apparently, the transportation rules with trains in Japan are very strict. The driver was supposed to alert headquarters if he was not feeling well and he is allowed to turn the train over to a conductor but they must have a license.

We have a s--- happens situation right here and I need to make a ruling. I'm going to assume so things on my way to a verdict because, why not? This is not a real court of law.

Procedure says call headquarters when you have to do poo-poo. The guy either knew headquarters was going to give him all sorts of s--- about going to the bathroom without a licensed driver on board or was too embarrassed to call it in.

Let us also assume there was no licensed driver on board because if there was, it would stand to reason that the driver would have called them instead (unless that driver was someone they were attracted to).

I'm ruling with the employee over the company here. They obviously don't have their s-- together. If they did, there would be layers of protection for the passengers doing nearly 100 mph on a train.

People need to use the bathroom. No one wants to alert the entire company about it and there needs to a minimum of two backup personnel on board to take over. This is gross negligence in my opinion, super gross.

P.S. The dude was gone 3 minutes? This could have been much worse.

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