New restaurants, shopping, sidewalks, and more all coming to Brookfield's Four Corners area.

Construction has begun to install sidewalks, and it looks like Brookfield's downtown area around the Four Corners is beginning to take shape as planned. Brookfield's First Selectman, Steve Dunn, is thrilled, as he told the NewsTimes:

It's looking beautiful. It's actually what we had envisioned.

That vision was a Brookfield Town Center where people could park, walk around and shop, and stop into one of the downtown restaurants and have a bite to eat. Sure, the Four Corners area has been a bit of a mess since construction began, but as it begins to take shape, Project Manager, Greg Dembowski, is beginning to hear some positive feedback from Brookfield residents. Remember what Brookfield used to look like at the four corners before work began?

Brookfield Four Corners Before Construction - Credit - Google Instant Streetview
Brookfield Four Corners Before Construction - Credit - Google Instant Streetview

In the coming weeks, you'll see the implementation of 35 street lights placed every 50 feet on alternating sides of the road, along with more sidewalks. The Brookfield Complex has already leased 60% of its commercial space to an ice cream shop, hair salon, and a brand new, larger Subway Shop. Brookfield town officials are currently looking for new restaurants and spa facilities to add to the new and improved downtown Brookfield.

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