Helping neighbors in a time of need came to parts of Connecticut last night.

As a nation, we've watched in horror as Hurricane Harvey took its toll on Texas. Now, the country is gearing up for Hurricane Irma, and possible devastation beyond even the scope of Harvey. Often though storms pop up unexpectedly, they can still cause destruction and fear.

That's what happened for some in the Brookfield area last night, and a heartfelt thanks must go out to all of the first responders who came together to take care of business.

The Brookfield Police Department's Facebook page reports that Brookfield Emergency Services were put to the test when a small, but rather aggressive storm moved through town on Sept. 5th. The 911 system received a large volume of emergency calls for both Police and Fire personnel. The town's two full time evening shift dispatchers handled the increased spike in call volume efficiently, accurately and professionally.

Without a doubt, there are countless residents that benefited from the swift response from the Brookfield Police Department, the Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company, the Brookfield Volunteer Fire Deptartment Candlewood Company Inc., as well as the Brookfield Public Works Department.

I know that all of those involved would simply say they were doing their job. But given what we've seen with the horrific weather happening all around our country, I think an extra Thank You goes a long way.

The Brookfield PD also ask that you call 911 or 203 - 775 - 2575 to report any ongoing hazardous situations.

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