You're cruising into your local CVS to buy some foot cream, maybe some balm and you see a hideous raging inferno and now you're wondering what the hell happened?

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That was the case for some Brookfield CVS shoppers on Sunday (10/29/23). According to a press release from the Brookfield PD, fire crews were dispatched to the Brookfield CVS at 14 Candlewood Lake Road at around 11 am. The crews were responding to reports of an active fire inside the building. Authorities say by the time they arrived, an employee had extinguished the blaze but it was apparent the fire was set intentionally.

Here is some of the Brookfield PD press release which was issued on October, 29, 2023:

"First arriving police and fire units located a display case that had been on fire, but it was extinguished by the on-duty CVS store manager, after ensuring all employees and patrons were out of the building.

Brookfield Police assisted by the Brookfield Fire Marshal's Office began their on-scene investigation and quickly determined that the fire had been intentionally started. CVS, which was open for business and occupied at the time of the fire, suffered minor property damage and the odor of smoke throughout. CVS remained closed for the remainder of the day." 

The presser goes on to state that investigators tracked down and arrested a juvenile suspect who was later released to the custody of their parents. The unnamed suspect faces the following charges:

  • 53a-111 - Arson 1st degree
  • 53a-116 - Criminal Mischief 2nd degree
  • 53a-64 - Reckless Endangerment 2nd degree

The pharmacy experience is way more stimulating than it should be these days. This Brookfield pharmacy had a full-on arson situation and that is almost tame compared to the daily occurrences at mine.

The pharmacy I go to in Danbury is bananas!! There are daily aggressive disputes in the parking lot, loitering weirdos in the parking lot and the kind of lines you might see at Disney World. I had to stop at the pharmacy Friday night and I really wish I did not have to because it was a battle getting in and out of there.

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