Everyone has something to say about liquor stores AKA "package stores" being considered essential businesses in the Nutmeg State. I only have one thing to say about it and that is Amen. Discount Liquors is one of my "go-to" packies in the area. This one is my "by work" liquor store and then I have Shirley's, my "by my house" spot and one I hit on the way to my mom's house.

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Discount has convenient hours for everyone but they want to cut their hours back a bit in the face of this public health crisis. As to not inconvenience anyone whose become accustomed to their regular hours, they asked me to get the word out. Here are the new hours and I think you'll agree you still have a lot of opportunity to get what you want from them during these time periods.

Lou's Phone
Lou's Phone

What a photo, it has it all. You have an inside door shot of the wonderful Discount Liquors, you got my Mercury (not bragging) making a special guest appearance and in the background you can see Taco-Bachi, the best place to buy and eat the best tacos you've ever tasted in your life. Note the new hours for Discount Liquors and adjust accordingly.

NOTE: If you are going to use this article as a jumping off point to tell us how liquor is the real scourge of America, is poison and weed is better for you blah, blah, blah, please save it or cough it into your elbow. We've heard the speech but if you need to spit it again I've found some like minded individuals echoing your sentiments on Reddit. Go there and you can bounce your booze thesis off one another like self-righteous pinball. 

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