The crew at J.J. Stacks always seem to find their way onto my radio show (The Ethan and Lou Show), and into my articles in so many different ways.

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There was the fire, the ridiculously difficult golf course on the property, the drive-in movie night, and now a web series. Somehow, some way, owner Joey Attonito and the crew at J.J. Stacks in Brookfield stay relevant.

The web series I'm referring to is a is called "The Hungry Road" and they've visited and reviewed food destinations all over America. Recently, their host stopped by to try some of the J.J. Stacks wings. The wings had been suggested to "The Hungry Road" on the "Wingaddicts" Facebook group. Not only did "The Hungry Road" try the food, they sat down with Joey, the owner.

The host seemed to like the Garlic Parmesan wing, and called it "buttery and cheesy" before taking a bite, once he did bite into it, he said "mmm, that's really good" and said "the flavor sticks." He was trying to guess the ingredients because Attonito would not tell him the secret recipe. I'd put my money on garlic and parmesan.

Look, the wings are top-notch there and I'm not minimizing the flavor, at all. But, when I go to J.J. Stacks, I'm there for the hot dogs, which are the size of a baby's arm. The dish is specifically called "The Doggy Stack" and it's a half-pound, foot long, all beef hot dog with any topping you can imagine (I get them all). Chef recommends, I'm chef.

I'm a big fan of the "vibe" at J.J. Stacks. I grew up in Brewster, NY and was raised on the famous Red Rooster food so it's no wonder this place makes perfect sense to my brain. Joe and the crew start with delicious food, they have the mini-golf for the kids, cold beer/wine, the occasional live music night and fun promos.

In fact, J.J. Stacks is having a local craft beer event soon to celebrate their 2 year anniversary. I reached out to Joey "Atts" to find out more about it and this is what he had to say:

"This will be an annual event. As always I only want uber local beers, as I strive to support small businesses in the Danbury area. We will have live music from 
Holly Mccreery from 12-3, and music from Vinny Piazza and the Groove Machine from 4-7. The event takes place August 20th at J.J. Stacks. A $40 ticket purchase gets you a free shirt, tasting glass, music and beer." 


J.J. Stacks will feature beers from:

Nod hill
Broken sym
Charter oak
Watson Farmhouse
Quirk works

P.S. It's amazing that we're even talking about this place. The restaurant nearly burned down a year ago after a hideous, raging inferno broke out in the kitchen. On July 7, 2021 we talked to Joey "Atts" as he was picking up the pieces and cleaning up after the dangerous blaze.

Just over a year later, they're being featured on food shows and the Ethan and Lou Show.

P.S. #2 - Yes, I said fire helps keep you relevant.

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