I have a slight problem, competition. I'm not the Michael Jordan guy that competes at absolutely everything, I have to like the activity, and if I do actually like it, I can be quite vicious in my pursuit of victory.

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I happen to enjoy mini-golf, so it falls under the umbrella of things I can get unreasonably competitive over. This summer , I've played a bunch of mini golf at JJ Stacks in Brookfield and I love it, but one hole is giving me a lot of trouble.

That's what she said. 

Insanely Difficult Mini Golf Hole in Brookfield Destroys All Who Dare to Face It

JJ Stacks in Brookfield bills itself as the perfect summer food and entertainment family destination. The restaurant located at 537 Federal Road in Brookfield has a bit of everything from burgers, dogs and fries to adult beverages. They also have a slogan that goes "JJ Stacks, where family fun is a hole in one." 

The course is a good time for all, especially when I'm not there shouting at pastel colored balls and blaming someone for making noise in my backswing. See you at JJ Stacks for a game soon, you will lose.

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