According to the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce website, there is a First Selectman debate scheduled for tonight, Tuesday October 12 at 7 pm in Room 133.

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This is all the information that is available on the site. Otherwise, we know the candidates are Stephen Dunn (Current First Selectman), Tara Carr and Austin Monteiro. Last week on the Ethan and Lou Show, I started to get messages from Brookfield residents upset about a change in the debate.

First, I was told the debate crowd would be reduced to 20% of normal capacity of Room 133, by Friday morning (10/8/21) I was getting messages saying there would be no in-person debate spectators allowed. I brought this to the show and asked for information from any of the Ethan and Lou Show listeners to see if it were true and what the reasoning was. Candidate Austin Monteiro reached out to me first via text and followed up with an email that read:

"Good Morning Lou,

So with the Brookfield First Selectman Public debate that is scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday 10/12 7 pm at Town Hall. We had debate rules given to us that were set by the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce on August 24th. These rules stated we will have 100% capacity in room 133 for the public and taxpayers of Brookfield to come and view the debate in person. Now 4 days before our only public debate for this seat the rules have changed to a ZERO capacity. So not one single person in Brookfield will be able to attend the debate in person. I have pressed the chamber and moderator as to why and first they said they are going to a 20% capacity due to COVID and per the town doctor and technical team. When I pushed back on that and said that is not legal since there are no town capacity mandates in place. They met as a chamber and then went down to a ZERO capacity and are basically passing the blame onto the townspeople saying they don't want to turn anyone away. I offered a few different alternative ideas and locations which have been used by the town before for live streaming and the venues have a larger capacity as well so nobody would be turned away. These propositions were shot down without any consideration.

I reached out to Mr. Dunn but he is out of the office till Tuesday. Interesting timing. The town Republican committee has also not said a word about this, so it seems they are both pushing to silence my voice and keep the people of Brookfield uninformed. This story I believe needs to be brought to light and the good people of Brookfield need to be aware. Thanks Lou

Austin Monteiro"

This should make tonight's debate that much more interesting, I may have to tune into the live stream.

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