Brooke Shields. Need I say more?

She's been an icon of beauty, fashion, and acting since the 80s before she was even a teenager.

The Princeton University grad born and raised in Manhattan has been modeling as well as acting in movies and television shows for 45+ years. There's a documentary about her that premiered on Hulu. It's a two-parter that follows her life and career from her exploitation as a child star to her liberation as an adult. It's called Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields.

Now, she's adding hemp farmer to her resume, and that hemp farm with CBD products is right here in New England. You may be thinking she's just going to be a spokesperson endorsing products but she will be doing so as a very active employee and co-owner of a farm.

Her official title is Chief Brand Officer for this hemp farm located in the tiny coastal town of Prospect, Maine about 30 minutes south of Bangor.

According to Maine Biz, beautiful and business-savvy Brooke reached out to Prospect Farms because she loves their products and wants to be fully involved.

It's a 250-acre farm in Maine that makes more than 50 CBD wellness products. While the company started in 2018 the farm itself has been around for 250 years.

According to the Prospect Farms website, Brooke is the co-founder of the new pet division for the company. So it's not just about natural wellness products for us humans anymore.

Why can I buy clean skincare products, nontoxic personal and household items, tested and trusted supplements but I’m unknowingly exposing my beloved pets to known cancer-causing ingredients each and every day?

Now that I think about it my headline is a bit off because this is about beauty, just inner beauty and wellness.

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