According to the News Times, Noel Diaz, 27 and Thalia Reyes, 22 were arrested on Wednesday in Bridgeport on charges of criminal possession of a firearm, possession of a weapon in a motor vehicle, interfering with police, and third-degree larceny.

Police say the two were driving in the Williams Street section of Bridgeport with their headlights off. After determining the plates on the vehicle belonged to another car, authorities say they pulled the pair over and a search of the car revealed they were in possession of a gun, two machetes, a dirty-blond wig and a white hockey mask.

Both Diaz and Reyes were released on $10,000 bonds.

I have said this several times — unless you are about to walk into the rain forest, you should not be in possession of a machete. I mean, it's a cool tool if you are an archaeologist with a leather hat and whip, but the average citizen does not need one.

In fact, the machete is not the only only regrettable item they allegedly left the house with. On its own, a hockey mask is harmless, assuming you are headed out to play some hockey. A wig is also no big deal if you are headed to a Halloween party.

The real issue here is combining these random items together with their lack of context. You are going to have a hard time explaining them being in the car together.

Worse than allegedly having all the props from the movie Heat in their car is that embarrassing moment when they have to explain to their buddies that they got pulled over in the first place cause their headlights were off.

What they are accused of had all the makings of a scene involving both Jason Voorhies AND Norma Bates.

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