High school students from all across the country say they are sick and tired of seeing their own being murdered.

A national gathering of high school students is being organized from coast to coast, demanding that Congress take legislative action on gun control before any more of their own are gunned down. National School Walkout is a movement to protest gun violence and the organizers told CNN:

Students and teachers have the right to teach and learn in an environment free from the worry of being gunned down in their classrooms or on their way home from school. Parents have the right to send their kids to school in the mornings and see them home alive at the end of the day.

According to an article in the Putnam Daily Voice, a number of Brewster High School students have vowed to take part in the walk. The students are currently working with school administrators to make sure the walkout is organized. It will begin at 10 am in each time zone, and lasts for 17 minutes — one minute for each of the 17 lives gunned down in the massacre.

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