An oncologist at the Yale Cancer Center in New Haven may be on to a huge breakthrough in the battle against breast cancer.

Dr. Erin Hofstatter, an oncologist at Yale-New Haven Cancer Center has come across a possible innovation on knowing how to prevent breast cancer before it's even diagnosed. In an article at, Dr. Hofstatter said she may have found early indicators of an increased cancer risk by doing complex genetic aging tests on tissue samples from cancer patients and healthy women. What exactly does that mean? She told WFSB:

It sure would be nice to be able to prevent the cancer in the first place instead of waiting for the diagnosis.

Dr. Hofstatter went on to say that the testing she's been working on is directly possible by a large grant from the Teri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation. She told WFSB:

This was the seed money that I really needed to jump-start this project. Without it, I would most likely not have pursued this project and we would not have found this out.

Hofstatter said the ultimate goal is to be able to screen for cancer much like you would screen for the risk of heart disease. When you take part in a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, you're helping to raise the money that Dr. Erin Hofstatter so desperately needs to fund her research. To find a 'Making Strides Walk' near you in 2018, click on  


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