In the spirit of "Storm Area 51" I am starting an event for the ages. Unlike the "51" event, we are not likely to be massacred by the U.S. Government on TV. Instead we will "Storm Candlewood Lake, Let's see them butt cheeks." 

August 31, Labor Day weekend, join me and an army of other humans wearing little to nothing. We will drink, smoke, tell lies and look at each other's butts. This is the definitive "storm" event that you can not miss.

In an effort to keep local authorities off our backs, the lake meeting spot is TBD (To be determined). The official location will be announced last minute. We will then form teams of boats, meet and create the largest flotilla in the history of Candlewood Lake. If you have butt cheeks, this is the time to bring em out.

Tell a friend who loves fun and be part of a movement that ends in lifelong memories.

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