There seems to be a new innovative way to rip off large grocery stores while onlookers can't believe what they're seeing. The photo above shows thieves at the Stop & Shop in Oxford loading up their vehicles with four grocery baskets full of detergent and paper towels before they race out of the parking lot.

According to a WFSB YouTube video, the store manager attempted to stop the robbers but was pushed to the ground, and when police got involved, they had already screamed out of the parking lot and raced away. Several people watched and filmed the robbery. Check this out!

The individuals taking part wear masks and fill up shopping carts or large duffel bags in plain sight, not caring if store employees or patrons watch as they load up.

Law enforcement expert Lisa Daddio told WFSB that they began seeing this type of blatant theft when the pandemic was in its prime. She then went on to say that the viral videos have motivated others to do the same thing.

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Daddio also said, "they are organized rings who know exactly what items they're looking to re-sell." Store employee are not allowed to put their hands on these poor excuses for humans and in many cases, they get away with it.

Here's my question. If these gangs of bandits load up their vehicles in front of the grocery store for everyone to see, how is it that the police cannot arrive in time to put a stop to it and arrest these crooks?

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