This guy. It was not enough for him to go and make the Chargers look absolutely foolish. He had to play the "I still have a chip on my shoulder the size of Texas" game.

Those of you who have followed the Ethan and Lou show for years know that I have complicated feelings when it comes to Tom Brady. On the one hand, I know winners, I like winners and I'm not a "hater" for the sake of being one. The guy is a stone cold killer. He's ultra competitive, has won at the highest level on a consistent basis forever and has great hair. You have to respect this kind of dude.

On the other hand, when is enough, enough already? I have had it with this team and I just want to get a ballpark idea of when this will end. Yesterday, I became the worst kind of fan - I was the guy I constantly make fun of. I was arguing with Pats fans on social media. I was actually angry and leaving myself wide open for having my "stones" cracked.

Watching them move the ball down the field with ease yesterday actually made me feel helpless. I felt like I was in the game and I was frustrated that I could not get my hands on Brady. It was like one of those terrifying dreams where you are trying to run from something dangerous or scary and your feet are moving, but you are going nowhere.

When all was said and done, they dismantled the L.A. Chargers and I was ready to take a deep breath and move on. Then Mr. All-American here says, "Everyone thinks we suck," and scissor kicked my face into oblivion. We get it, bro. You're awesome.

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