You might be asking, what is "Bouldering?" It's a fair question but you don't have far to look, it's as simple as it's name.

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"Bouldering" is a form of free climbing that is trending on social media. The climber finds a small rock, artificial rock or boulder and scales it without the use of ropes. One man recently attempted this in the woods of Brewster, NY near Ice Pond Road and posted it to Youtube.

The user that goes by "arduous paths" posted the clip to Youtube on October 6, 2021 with the title: "Moby's Eye V4/5 Ice Pond BREWSTER, NY."

V4/5 refers to the difficulty or vertical grade of the rock, this climber is estimating this climb to be between a 4 or a 5 . According to 99boulders, grading boulders or rocks is a matter of much debate in the free climbing world. One person may grade a rock much different than another. But, from what I can gather, the higher the number, the more difficult the climb.

The climber also added post-production text to the video writing things like; "climbing is tough" and "life's pretty tough too." So how did he do? Let's see.

So why choose Brewster, NY for this new age exercise? I'll tell you why, as someone who grew up there, we got rocks. Oh, we have a butt load of massive rocks and boulders just like this one.

That is what I did with most of my youth, I climbed rocks in the woods because there is nothing else to do in Brewster unless you like staring at your hand. That should be the new slogan, "Brewster, we got rocks."

Some other Brewster slogans we could go with:

  • "Brewster, check out our woods boulders"
  • "Brewster, known for folks just staring at their hands"
  • "Brewster, shop at Kobackers"
  • "Like Rocks? Come to Brewster"
  • "Brewster the proud home of a rock, once posted to Youtube"
  • "Brewster, Lou Milano lived there"
  • "Brewster, near Danbury"
  • "Brewster, once mentioned in the Sopranos"
  • "Brewster, a Playboy Playmate is from there" - That is true, Google it
  • "Brewster, at least it's not Carmel"
  • "Brewster, where the townspeople can agree on one thing, they hate Somers"

YEAH BEARS! That was fun, thanks for reading this and share it with a friend.

P.S. I could not do what that guy did, I think most people couldn't, it is an impressive athletic feat and you need forearm strength like you read about to pull it off. 

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