Every minute of every day, new rules, new regulations, new information is spread around about the dangers of this dreaded virus that we're all battling. Little by little, we're realizing that distancing is working, and places that must stay open during this time, which have been deemed as essential, and their employees, are getting much needed breaks as time wears on.

I've been a dedicated Big Y shopper since they came into the Connecticut market back in the 90's. My preferred store is the Big Y on Bridge Street in Naugatuck. But I also frequent the New Milford and Newtown stores. Big Y has been sending out daily updates, as have most businesses that are still in operation. Tonight's update included some excellent information that made me applaud them by writing this: All Big Y stores will be closed this Easter Sunday, April 12, and Monday, April 13, 2020.

According to the statement, all Big Y stores will be closed, including Fresh Acres and the Table & Vine Flagship Store both Sunday and Monday, Big Y Express Gas & Convenience Stores will be closed Sunday only. Thie reason for this closing, as stated by Big Y CEO Charles D'Amour in the corporate statement, is "to thank all our retail heroes" and "We hope that this break will allow our employees to spend more time with their loved ones and give them much needed rest".

I've come to know a lot of the Naugatuck Big Y employees over the decades that I've been shopping there, and on behalf of all of them, and me and my family, who you've kept fed and comfortable, BRAVO Big Y. Thank you for staying open all this while as the Earth rages. You are one of my hometown heroes providing comfort when we need it most.

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