You've never heard of the "Bethel Boom?"

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That was the question my friend Aurora asked me on Monday. Aurora is a Bethel resident and she appeared on the Ethan and Lou Show as my guest on (7/25/22). I told her I'd not heard of the "Bethel Boom" and asked for more information.

It's precisely what it sounds like, she said. They are loud boom-sounds that have been reported by residents all over town. According to Aurora, this is not a new phenomenon, it's been going on for years. Below is a portion of our conversation about it.

Aurora - "This is why we started having this conversation because we have a forum on Facebook and in the forum people literally just post like 10;56 on Greenwood Avenue, heard the boom."

Lou - "So, it's a thing?

Aurora - "Yeah, then people start chiming in about it, some people are serious and some people are just being funny but ultimately no one has ever determined the source of the boom sounds. We hear them all over and it kind of sounds like a transformer exploding. I think a couple of times maybe people have likened them to like, fireworks but more like blowing up a mailbox. And, occasionally, there is more than one boom, in a night, in an area but to the best of my knowledge, we've never actually tracked down any of these, to any reason." 

Lou - "This has been going on how long, would you say?"

Aurora - "Well I don't know, I can say certainly, I remember 8-10 years back I remember reading posts about it."

I trust in Aurora, I do. I wouldn't start down this road unless I believed her. But if I'm going to dedicate my life to this subject (bout to), I need to hear this from other people. Are the following statements true?

  • There are sounds all over Bethel, loud enough to be confused with exploding transformers.
  • These sounds have been heard for years in town and reported by independent ear witnesses.
  • These sounds have never been properly explained by local officials.

If those statements are true, we're in the embryo stages of an exciting Ethan and Lou investigation. Eventually we will give birth to a "knowledge-baby." This baby will be so beautiful, human eyes will not be able to see it. You'll have to divert your gaze from this baby or melt your rods and cones into oblivion.

You can listen to our entire "Boom" segment from the Ethan and Lou Show (7/25/22) below.

I have reached out to Bethel First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker for comment. I texted him Monday morning, while we were on the air. I asked Mr. Knickerbocker the following questions:

  • Can you comment on the mystery booms people report hearing?
  • Has anyone brought this phenomenon to your attention?
  • Have you heard boom sounds in town?
  • What explanation can you provide about these sounds?
  • What theories have you heard that might explain this?

Here is MY (Me = Louis Milano) Theory:

Bethel has been chosen by the Federal Government as a location to build a super-structure underground. The boom sounds come from necessary rock blasting. The underground base will be used for alien research, U.A.P. research, storage of alien beings, craft and alien bodies. Or, it is a secret underground base that can act as a bunker for high ranking politicians/members of the military during a nuclear crisis. 

The Grand Opening of Sonic in Danbury Was a Lively Affair

Thursday (7/21/22) was the Grand Opening of the new Sonic Drive-In on White Street in Danbury and it was quite the event. We (I-95) were broadcasting live from 11 am - 3 pm but we were not alone. A ton of local officials made the trip to welcome the new business. The Danbury Sonic location is owned and operated by franchise partner Mir Sabbir Ahmed. Ahmed was very welcoming to us and the other guests. Everyone had a great time despite the sweltering summer heat.

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The Danbury Farmer's Market takes place on the Danbury Green every Saturday, and runs through October. You can shop with cash, credit, debit and even use SNAP, FMNP, WIC and Senior benefits at the Market. You can purchase produce and more from some of the area's best vendors including: 

  • Brewster Pastry 
  • Brown Dog Farm 
  • Mothership Bakery 
  • Clatter Valley Farm 
  • Jose Flores Flowers 
  • Killiam & Bassette Farmstead
  • Mitchell Farm
  • Smith Acres Farm 
  • Sullivan Farm 
  • Yup Yup Dog Treats
  • Cafe Avion 

I went recently, and wanted to share my experience and recommend the market. 

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