Time for a public service notice for residents of Bethel, Connecticut.

Any time something is going on in your municipality that could impact your water, it's good to be in the know. So, here's what you need to know if you live in Bethel.

According to the Register Citizen, Bethel is due to start the process of flushing fire hydrants. The work is set to begin on Monday, May 14th and is expected to last over the next month or so.

Residents should anticipate that the flushing process can cause water pressure to go up and down. You may even experience discoloration in your water. If  that happens you are advised to run the water in a bathtub or an outside spigot until the discoloration goes away.

For more information go to bethel-ct.gov. There is expected to be a listing of streets and approximate schedule of timing for the flushing. Hopefully you won't experience any issues, but it's always good to be on top of any possible water problem.

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