As stories continue about bear sightings around Connecticut being on the rise, one local family is feeling the pain directly from a bear.

We've all seen the cute pictures and videos of bears frolicking in back yard pools and climbing over fences, wandering onto back porches and more.But the reality remains that they can be dangerous and their population is growing in our state. Some people are in favor of taking care of the situation in the following way.

The problem came home to a local farm over the weekend.

The News Times is reporting about an incident that happened recently in Southbury Connecticut. This past Saturday, the owner of a farm in Southbury witnessed a bear attacking two miniature horses on the property, killing one of them. The property owner called state environmental police, who were able to euthanized the bear before it could kill the second horse.

Paul Rego, a DEEP wildlife biologist, told 

Bears are predators, and if the opportunity presents itself, the bear will take advantage of it. There are certainly more cases (of bear attacks) than we had 20 years ago. There is some randomness, but the long-term trend shows an increase

While this time of year is when bears start to hibernate, the lack of extreme cold or snow cover will keep them more active as they roam looking for food. Keep the lids on your trash cans and don't toss food out into your yard to feed the birds, or deer. And always remember that wildlife is just that, wild.

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