A Connecticut woman lived through her own live action version of a sequel to "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" this morning.

According to NBC Connecticut, an estimated 400 lb. bear just walked right in to the woman's Canton, CT home on East Hill Rd. after breaking a screen door. She said she was laying in bed at around 7:00 AM on Monday (August 6) when her uninvited house guest decided to peruse around.

While she was still in bed, the bear reportedly moved the bedroom dresser, but instead of spiraling into full panic mode, as most of us would've done, the woman simply played dead. Once the bear left the bedroom and headed into the kitchen, the woman says she called the police right away.

The report says that the bear was still inside the kitchen when officers arrived at the home, but left in quick fashion, as most do when they're in the middle of breaking and entering.

The homeowner says the responding officers shot one round in the bear's direction as it made its way back into the woods. Since the bear is untagged, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will be setting a trap near the home that was broken into.

Thankfully, the woman was not injured, as this is the fourth time a bear has reportedly entered a home in Canton, CT in the past week.

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