Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware beaches will be opening for Memorial Day Weekend.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that four state beaches would open for the holiday weekend, but not without restrictions. According to, the openings pertain to state and local beaches and beach shores, but public pools are not included.

All four state beaches will open on May 22, the Friday before the Memorial Day Weekend but COVID-19 precautions will be put into place which includes,

** No group contact activity like volleyball, football, etc.

** Areas of the social gathering will be closed.

** Social distancing will be enforced for employees and visitors.

** Concessions will NOT be open.

** Beaches will only operate at 50% capacity, which will be monitored.

** If local authorities do not adhere to the guidelines, beaches will be closed.

Here's my question for you. Would you feel safe going to a public beach during this pandemic? If someone asked, "Hey, Ethan Carey, are you and your wife taking the grandkids to a Candlewood Lake beach over the holiday weekend?

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My answer is, "Absolutely not!" First of all, my son, Matt, and my daughter-in-law, Kelly, would never allow it, and I understand their reasoning. Whether you want to believe it or not, this pandemic is only in the infancy stages with predictions that "we ain't seen nothing yet" from the health experts.


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