Mike Love of the Beach Boys joined the Ethan and Lou Show last week (5/7/20) talking up his new tune "This too shall pass," making money off of movies, meditation and more.

Look at us getting Mike Love of the Beach Boys on the show, talking "Kokomo" and getting a John Stamos reference in the show. That was an excellent Ethan Carey question about the meditation and it sounds like Mike is into it. Mike sounds like he actually wants to teach me meditation, I'm pretty sure that is what I heard. Maybe he, Stamos and I can gather together for a meditation 'sess" and wear sweatpants and sweat bands? Check out the new song "This too Shall pass for Feeding America. 

You can download the song wherever you buy music, including Mike Love's official website and the money goes to an amazing cause. Feeding America can provide ten meals for every dollar you give them and they are a well respected organization that's been feeding American's for over 35 years. If the music is not your taste please donate what you can on their site.

The Beach Boys songbook is an unquestionable hit parade but I always come back to "Kokomo." This is one of my all time favorites and as Mike mentioned in the interview was the big hit song for the soundtrack to the Tom "F'ing" Cruise movie; "Cocktail." 

This was the height of Cruise fame in the 80's and the evidence is the fact that this film was made. Tom Cruise is a guy whose good at tending bar, throw in Elisabeth Shue (America's 80's sweetheart), give us a salty jam from the Beach Boys and you have an instant American film classic, simpler times indeed.

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