Matt Ranaudo of "The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart" joined the I-95 Morning Show with Ethan and Lou on Friday (8/28/20) in studio. Matt addressed where his relationship with Rudi is now, whether they hooked up, his trouble with Chris Harrison's name and if he has any upcoming "Bachelor Presents" related projects.

Full video interview below, highlights include:

Lou: Did she (Rudi) hit you?

Matt: She did, she slapped me.

Lou: She (Rudi) fell in love and then you guys made love?

Matt: That's not true.

Lou: Is there any truth to the fact that you're gonna be the next Bachelor?

Matt: Ah, no, there is no truth to that.

Matt answers more ridiculous question below. Find out what he said when Lou asked "Did Chris Harrison hit you?" You will also learn why Ranaudo left the show at the last minute.

It was great to see our old friend and learn more about his recent successes in the music business. We even took some awful/staged photos.

Follow Matt -

Personal Instagram - @matt_ranaudo

Band Instagram - @brotherstoneband

Brother Stone's music is also available wherever you buy or stream music just by searching their name. 

This also happened, nipple play was discussed.

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