Henry, a Boston Terrier from Glastonbury, was a pain in the butt this past Monday night. So on Sunday evening, Kelly and Jeff Dowling loaded up their 9-month old daughter and drove to urgent care because their daughter's cold symptoms were getting worse.

The Dowlings made a wise choice because their baby was placed on antibiotics with a chest X-ray scheduled for later in the week. So on Monday evening, after placing the baby in her crib, their dog, Henry, wouldn't leave the nursery's door alone. Instead, he would keep opening the door, sniff the baby, and then stand and stare at Kelly.

To tell you the truth, mom was not happy with Henry because she was afraid Henry would wake up the baby who had just gone to sleep, but Henry was relentless, which was unusual behavior for the Boston Terrier.

Finally, Henry woke up the baby, and mom got furious. But when the baby began to cry, Kelly told the Hartford Courant;

 “I went in ... I was furious with the dog, but then noticed she was very rigid and struggling to breathe. We tried suctioning her, but she started to turn a little blue.”

The situation turned from bad to worse, and the baby was rushed to the hospital screaming all the way. Fortunately, the hospital's doctors and nurses could clear the baby's airway, and their 9-month old daughter began to improve.

You might say that Henry saved their little girl's life. Kelly Dowling said that he always goes where their girls go to keep a watchful eye. So it's not unusual that Henry acted the way he did. Many dogs have special bonds with young children. Check this out.

Dogs have super smelling capabilities, according to wisconsinpetcare.com. They have exceptional olfactory abilities. A dog's sense of smell can be 100,000 times stronger than ours, which means a dog's sensitive snout can detect if someone's body chemistry has changed, and that's why Henry woke up the Dowling's baby. Good boy, Henry. Good dog!

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