According to FOX 61, CT Attorney General William Tong is investigating Optimum Cable after hundreds of complaints from CT residents.

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Altice is the parent company to Optimum, the one Tong will be looking into. His office made the announcement on Monday. Ton released a statement that read:

Customers have a right to expect the service and internet speed they pay for. Our office has reviewed hundreds of complaints from Optimum cable internet customers regarding slow speeds, hidden fees, and poor customer support.

Altice responded with their own statement, saying:

"Altice shares the state’s goal of ensuring Connecticut residents and businesses receive high-quality service and have a positive customer experience. That is why Altice has been investing across Connecticut, building and deploying a 100% Optimum Fiber broadband network that provides reliable infrastructure and symmetrical internet services to our communities and customers. Connecticut was one of the first areas where we launched multi-gigabit speeds earlier this year to meet the ever-growing broadband needs of our customers, and we also participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program, which provides free high-speed internet service. We are proud to serve our Connecticut communities and will cooperate with state officials to provide relevant information."

I was curious to see where CT stacked up around the country, in terms of internet speed, and that news is pretty good. According to 2022 research from World Population Review, CT ranks #6 in the nation for internet speed. The top 5 are:

  1. Maryland - 196.2 Mbps
  2. Virginia - 193.1 Mbps
  3. New York - 190.5 Mbps
  4. Massachusetts - 188.2 Mbps
  5. New Jersey - 174.3 Mbps

The moral of the story here, is in terms of internet, we have it pretty good in CT. If Tong's research into Altice proves any wrongdoing, the pressure will likely make it better on everyone around the Nutmeg State.

Thankfully, my office has pretty fast and reliable speed, my home is another story. This means, if I have a very important project that has an immediate deadline, I stay in the office.

P.S. The way the world runs today, internet service should be free. From shopping, to banking to contact with government agencies, people cannot survive without it. It's become a basic need and should be treated accordingly.

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