Police couldn't believe what they found inside this Ridgefield home.

According to newstimes.com, it was in the wee hours of Thursday morning (March 28) when Ridgefield police were called to a home on Tackora Trail for a reported disturbance. What they say they found after that was an arsenal of weapons and an explosive device, allegedly belonging to 49-year old Mark Albin. The state police bomb squad had to be called in to check on the device and remove it from the property.

Ridgefield Police say they initially arrested Albin on a charge of disorderly conduct, but in the process, they reportedly found the aforementioned explosive device, which was a tear gas grenade, 16 assault weapons, 76 unregistered high-capacity magazines and six silencers.

A woman who identified herself as Mark Albin's wife told a News Times reporter:

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and crucifying him. The police know him. He's a good guy. He tried to give the cops everything he had. He's not a crazy person. He's not the Unabomber.

One neighbor told police "we're all a little freaked out!" Albin posted a $50,000 for the firearms charge and is due back in court on April 11.

Most recently, Mark Albin made a statement, claiming that even though he knew he had unregistered ammunition, it always remained locked in a safe and never saw the light of day. He also mentioned that the original disturbance was nothing more than an argument with his wife, but his son was nervous and called 911. Many of Albin's coworkers reportedly had nothing but good things to say about the mechanic. By many accounts, he likes to build weapons as a hobby and would never intentionally harm anyone.

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