According to CNBC Amazon is teaming with a company called Lennar to engineer the home of the future. They are starting with model homes called “Amazon Experience Centers.” The basic idea is to have your entire home controlled by Alexa. Light’s shades and appliances would all run with the help of Alexa and that’s just the beginning. Amazon is not the only company, Google and Apple are also in a tech race to make your home a giant robot.

Turn control of your home over to a robot you have been swearing at and demeaning for years now? Sounds great! What could go wrong? Oh, you don’t swear at Alexa and talk down to her? I was working under the assumption that was Alexa’s entire purpose. It is in my house.

This tech revolution is moving too fast to ask the right questions and get answers. Why can’t we do things on our own like we have for so long without the help operating systems? When does turning control of your home, car and all your personal information to a robot become an actual danger to us as individuals and a society?

You can laugh at me all you want when I bring up the Terminator movies but the dangers are spelled out in those films pretty clearly and we are headed that direction. Sarah Connor knew what the hell was going on. We are just WAY too distracted by the pretty lights on the screens to know we’re being phased out.

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