According to ABC News, the annual summer sale known as "Prime Day" is back and better than ever. The sale starts at 3 pm today and has been extended from its usual 30 hours to a full 36 hours. The sale boasts discounts on a wide array of products and services.

You need to be a "Prime" member to participate in the sale, and if you are you can get HUGE deals on everything from baby wipes to TVs. They say it's like a summer version of "Black Friday." The article goes on to say that Amazon's partnership with "Whole Foods" will get you the best discounts.

I'm all for saving money, but I'm just afraid my wife will take this too far. She loves discounts more than anyone I know. She's a coupon cutter and a "sale" fanatic. If she gets wind of this thing, I'll end up with a pallet of Swiss cheese, four TVs and a metric "F" ton of baby wipes. I just don't want to be put in a position to have to eat a year's supply of Swiss cheese in a month.

Shop until you drop everyone, Jeff Bezos needs the money for more rockets to blast into space.

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