I have been threatening to burn my place of business (I-95) down for years. These threats were empty in nature and typically came on the heels of minor inconveniences I experienced at work. Then, it almost happened on Friday (4/23/20). I carelessly extinguished a cigarette in the disposal unit outside the radio station and went back inside to work. After about 15 minutes, I'd realized I left something in the car and went to retrieve it and I saw a hideous, raging inferno.

With the help of Fireman Ethan Carey, I put the fire out and we went back to the business of doing a radio show. However, there will be shock waves to follow that include:

  • Mandatory safety training (again)
  • Being spoken to like a small child by my employers and deserving it
  • Being called Ryan Howard from the Office

The silver lining in all of this is how I handled it. Right after we put out the fire, we told the listening audience about it and I said it was my fault. I followed that with an e-mail to my bosses explaining what had happened, apologized and said it would never happen again.

I state my regret. 

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