People were reportedly attempting to prep and dry off a wet Governor's Field for a baseball game. "Someone" used 24 gallons of gasoline to do it. What came next? A hideous, raging inferno -- that's what.

I read about it yesterday, we talked about it on the Ethan and Lou show and I thought that would be that. Someone or a group of people would take responsibility and it would be like it never happened. After all, no one was hurt so why not get it over with?

This morning, I woke up, and now it's in the NY Post, it's on NBC Connecticut and you can read more about it on FOX News. Why can you read about it in these places? Well because an honest mistake can get legs and run like Usain Bolt if you don't raise your hand and say "my bad."

Yo, Ridgefield, if you actually don't know who is responsible, appoint someone. Have them call "my bad," and get it out of the papers. Maybe everyone can chip in and buy this person a super sweet Christmas present for taking the rap.

Two words: "My bad."

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