I, like many Yankee fans was blown away that Joe Girardi did not ask for a review on a major play in Friday night's ALDS game. Here is what he had to say after the game:

I cannot even remember the details of the scenario anymore. I cannot remember the inning, the batter or the pitcher. I blocked it out. It was a devastating series of events that resulted in a HUGE shift in momentum that I knew the Yankees would not pull out of. They did not pull out of it and lost 9-8 in extra innings.

During and after the game I was following everything relating to the Yankees on social media. The majority of the statements I read had something to do with Joe Girardi being fired. People want him out for not calling for a review there.

Let me say it is fine that you feel that way. If you do feel that way though you have to answer an important question. Who would you replace him with that is both available and better than Girardi. In my opinion, that list has ZERO names on it.

Girardi is not the best manager in baseball, he is also not the worst. He made a glaring mistake in a huge game but keep in mind he did manage a team of babies into a position no one thought they would be in.

P.S. Friday's loss to me was right up there in terms of some of the worst Yankee playoff losses I can remember. It's not at the top of the list but is certainly on a list of notables.

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