Dude, what were you thinking? Nothing good is ever going to come from allegedly calling in a false bomb threat.

Hey, funny man, something like this is actually not at all funny. No one has time for random possible acts of dumbness, especially in today's terrorist climate.

Here's the story, according to wtnh.com, about the actions of actor and comedian, TJ Miller, who is free on bond after being arraigned on federal charges related to an incident on an Amtrak train. Prosecutors say Miller called in the erroneous bomb info on March 18 after he got into a verbal dispute with a woman on a train traveling from Washington D.C. to New York.

The train wound up being stopped in Westport, Connecticut, where it was searched, and thankfully, no explosives were found. One can only imagine how upset all of the passengers were, whether they were aware of the bomb call or not. Any disruption of service I'm sure was cause for angst.

Miller is charged with intentionally calling 911 with false information.

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