A-Rod and Joe Buck are the hottest duo in sports broadcasting right now. They did the broadcast for the Mets/Angels game over the weekend, tried a high five, and blew it. It's all anyone in the sports world can talk about.

How do you miss a high five with a guy sitting right next to you? Pro ball players are famous for their eye sight and precise aim and you can't land a high five. When I first heard about it, I ran to Youtube to take a look. I was convinced it was Joe's fault, but no A-Rod was to blame here.

He used a guide hand to grab Buck's arm to ensure they made contact. That's just weird. I am now convinced this is not A-Rod. It has to be a less coordinated clone that is out broadcasting these games.

I will give this to A-Rod, he is really good at this TV thing. I'm a Yankee fan who hated A-Rod, I hated rooting for him, I hated trying to defend him, I just did not like him. He is a baseball nerd though, the guy knows the game. I love Joe Buck too, so I look forward to watching the games they call for years to come.

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