Captured on video! A monkey in Indonesia riding a motorcycle attempted to kidnap a baby.

Let's review:

  • This monkey knows how to ride a motorcycle
  • This monkey owns a motorcycle
  • This monkey had a motorcycle custom made for it
  • This monkey knew exactly what baby it wanted to take. There was no hesitation, no delay, it had selected that baby from no less than twenty yards away
  • This money ditched it's motorcycle to take this baby

Indonesia really needs to pull itself together, you just can't have monkey motorcycle gangs stealing babies. The U.S. has it's well documented problems but we'd never allow this horror show to play out on our streets.

If you are a baby, I'd imagine you don't know what danger looks like, right? You don't know what you don't know so everything or nothing could look like a threat to you. That said, if a monkey riding a motorcycle at 22 mph drives it's motorcycle directly at you, this would have to register as a potential problem, yeah? A few more things, the man who saved the baby needs to show a bit more urgency and that baby is a boss for walking this off. That's the toughest baby on the globe right now.

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