I read an article in the News Times this morning about the big retail stores that will be open on Christmas Eve and now I am sad.

I'm sad for the employees that have to work those shifts, I am sad for their families. I'm sad that this is considered necessary.

The only places whose doors should be open are gas stations and liquor stores, and their doors should be closed by noon that day, in my opinion. Is this who we are? Is the fight over? Did we lose? Are things, products, purchases more important than our families? I guess so.

Some stores, like Target for instance, will be open as late as 11 PM. That's excessive as far as I'm concerned. Let's say you are a new employee of Target. That's your shift. You have the 3 PM -11 PM shift. It's not like you can walk out the door at 11 either. You have to shut down, clean up, etc.

We are consumers first, that is who we are. If you are one of the people who have to work on Christmas Eve, I am sorry for you. It's not OK, and if you are upset about it, you have every right to be. I'm CERTAIN that Brian Cornell, Target's CEO, will be home with his family. I AM CERTAIN OF THAT. He will be one of the privileged few that benefit from this last-minute dollar grab. You will get nothing and like it.

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