I'm alive...I'm alive! And I'd like to vote, please.

Hopefully, you took advantage of one of the greatest freedoms we have in our country, one that I think too many people take for granted. I voted on Tuesday, and I hope you exercised your right to do the same. But what if you could vote, but were told no?

How's this for the surprise of your life — being told you're dead? According to nbcconnecticut.com, that's exactly what happened to a 92-year-old man from Uncasville, Connecticut.

So there goes Max Kopko, trying to do his civic duty at the polls, only to find he wasn’t listed on the voter rolls. Worse than that, Kopko found out he was listed as deceased. The article says that Kopko's brother did pass away this past August, and he believes that might be how the mix up happened.

Thankfully, the very much alive Connecticut native was still able to cast his vote after it all got sorted out. Could Max Kopko be the newest cast member of the Walking Dead?

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